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Bass gear for sale
David Bennett
Have a few pieces of bass gear for sale. I no longer gig with these pieces and I would like to move them on to someone who would like to use them, and is young enough and strong enough to move them around.

1. Ampeg Classic 4X10 bass cabinet, with PF-500 Ampeg amp. Includes a custom-made, padded Tuki cover ($100 cover). Always covered and trailer-stored when not in use. Probably less than 100 hours on the cabinet. Excellent condition. $500 firm. (SOLD)

2. Carvin R-500 Head (SOLD)
4X10 cabinet; very good condition, is all that remains.  Like the Ampeg.....always covered and trailer-stored when not in use. $100.

Dave Bennett
(901) 834-87
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